Review of No Name Tortilla Grill by Christina Arcidiacono

Going out and enjoying a pleasant meal that you don’t regret is becoming harder and harder to do with the increase in fast food joints and chain restaurants across the state.  Finding a restaurant that has fresh food is hard enough, given many chain restaurants rely on frozen prepared dishes.  When consumers go out for a meal, they want to eat something that is worth their money and doesn’t make them feel like a bucket of grease when walking out.  Therefore, the food has to be high quality without leaving a hole in their pocket!  The food at No Name Tortilla Grill hits one out of the park when it comes to more bang for your buck.

  No Name Tortilla Grill is a small, inviting tortilla restaurant located in Berlin, Connecticut.  The No Name restaurant attracts a vast and diverse range of customers.  With a cozy and friendly atmosphere, all customers feel as if they are at home. Similar tortilla restaurants, like Taco Bell, are geared more towards the late night quick meal and the ‘guys night out.’  It’s uplifting to finally find a restaurant that is welcoming to customers from all necks of the woods.  Whether you feel like having a hefty stuffed burrito, cheesy and stuffed quesadilla, or a mounding fiesta salad bowl, if you are in the mood for southwestern styled food, No Name Tortilla Grill is the place to go.

The wait staff at No Name Tortilla Grill prepare the food right in front of you as you tell them each and every ingredient you want in the order.  Customers are able to see the ingredients that are going into their meal.  Not only do the ingredients look fresh and tasty, but they also taste as if they were freshly picked from a garden.  Being able to see the food ordered getting prepared in front of you insures that you know what is going into your meal.  Restaurants like Taco Bell prepare food in the back kitchen, and when you get your, it doesn’t quite look as good as the picture on the menu board.  No Name Tortilla Grill gives each customer voluptuous and delicious looking food that tastes as if it was prepared by the tortilla master of all of mankind.  With every bite, outrageous flavors take over your taste buds and flavor blasts your palette.   However, there are multiple staff preparing your one dish, which some may perceive as unsanitary.  Nonetheless, there are sanitation laws required by all restaurants.  From the appearance of the staff and the restaurant itself, it seems that the laws are followed at No Name Tortilla Grill.  Each staff member wears gloves when preparing each order, and a health code certificate is posted.   One of the restaurant’s greatest attributes is the quality of food without leaving patrons bankrupt.  Not only is the food tasty, but the portion sizes are also out of this world.

Without spending a fortune, patrons get enough food to fill them and a meal that tastes authentic.  Even so, be careful when bringing kids.  There is not a specific children’s menu, and because the portion sizes are huge, order something that children could eat.  Ordering what appears to be a three-pound burrito for a child probably doesn’t sound like the brightest idea, and would be a waste of money.  However, if the giant burrito is what the child wants, the child has the leftovers to take home. On the other hand, the restaurant does offer orders of one or two tacos that are not so huge.  The tacos could be the perfect size for those with smaller appetites.  As well, children also get the advantage of picking and choosing what they want and don’t want in their orders, which is a plus for those fussy eaters. Yet, keep in mind every meal comes with a heaping side of freshly made, crispy, and not overly salty nacho chips.  A unique feature of No Name Tortilla Grill is that it offers a wide variety of vegetarian friendly meals.  Some of the vegetarian friendly options include vegetarian burritos and salads packed with fresh vegetables (No Name Tortilla Grill, 2011).  This particular attribute widens the range of customers that No Name Tortilla Grill attracts.

Even though places like Taco Bell sell their triple layer nachos for only $.89 (Taco Bell, 2011), the customer is not getting a lot of food, and the little food you do get is quality that dogs don’t even deserve.  When customers order the nachos with meat from No Name Tortilla Grill, they get to choose what you want on them, and the portion is enough for the entire Brady Bunch Family!  The nachos with meat are $7.99, but customers get more than what they pay for (No Name Tortilla Grill, 2011).  Is it worth the extra $7.10? If consumers want food that makes them feel good and is enough to satisfy, then No Name Tortilla Grill makes it worth the splurge.   With genuine and authentic decorations, the restaurant creates a cozy ‘at home’ feel.  Not only is the environment inviting, but the staff is also helpful and pleasing.  However, the restaurant is somewhat dark.  The dim lighting creates a dark and dreary vibe.  Yet, the food and décor arguably make up for this minor flaw.  Corona styled salt and pepper shakers, Choco Taco advertisements, and southwestern styled art stick to the theme well.  Everything seems to flow well, which creates a pleasant environment that allows customers to relax, kick their feet up, and enjoy their experience.  An authentically decorated chalkboard at the point of order also displays monthly specials. Some of the specials include different soups and different flavored chicken wings.  This feature gives the restaurant an exclusive feature that keeps customers interested and coming back.  However, if there’s a unique special that you take a liking too, the specials are limited time only and not permanent to the menu.  The bright side is that you get to experience new flavors each and every time the special changes, without spending a fortune.  It would almost seem foolish to go to a fast food joint for a southwestern meal instead of going to the No Name Tortilla Grill.  No Name Tortilla Grill provides food that’s at the top of the totem pole without the jaw dropping prices.  Not to mention, the quality of the food is unheard of by today’s standards.  No Name Tortilla Grill has scored the touchdown for providing consumers with more bang for their buck!  The ambiance at this restaurant is not only authentic and engaging, but it’s fun, enjoyable, and comfortable for customers from all walks of life.  If it’s impeccable southwestern cuisine you seek, No Name Tortilla Grill is one to tip your sombrero to!

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  1. This was a really good review! I have never been to this resturant before but after reading your review i will have to go!! I love mexican food!! I cant wait to go and eat there. I will let you know how I like it!!!!!

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