Review of Subway by Krystina Mancini

With the economic downfall in the nation, many food chains have striven to keep pace in this harsh economy. Subway is a very well known sandwich industry in the United States and is one of the food chains surviving and prospering from the economy. But just how can a sandwich company prosper? Food, likability, cost, service/cleanliness, and variety are what have made the chain prosper and become one of the most well known companies, with 35,582 restaurants in 99 countries (Subway).

Going into Subway, your eye is attracted to colorful half-white, half-yellow signage. When you walk in, the enthusiastic team and cleanliness of the place are noticeable. The food is one of the main reasons why people go to a Subway. Subway is a fast food restaurant that allows you to select ingredients from the menu board and have the wait staff create your sandwich to your liking. There are many different types of sandwiches, such as veggie delight, B.L.T, meatball, buffalo chicken, and so many more!

There are also numerous varieties of breads, such as wheat, Italian, and honey oat, as well as different types of meats and toppings. Not only does Subway offer sandwiches, but now the chain also has pizza, salads, and soups. The variety of choices is welcoming in a fast-food chain. You can also choose chips, cookies, soda, juice, apple slices, parfaits, and other items to go with your sandwich. Subway also serves breakfast!

Cost plays an important factor when choosing a restaurant. Subway is definitely affordable. The chain runs a deal for a foot-long sub at $5.00, which is affordable in our current economy. The chain always runs special deals! For example, in the month of November, you can buy one six-inch sub and get one free if you buy before 9 am. These special deals are what attract customers to Subway.

Service and cleanliness are major factor when choosing where to eat. When people go to a fast food restaurant, they want to be able to have great service and find the place where clean. If a restaurant is dirty, it is likely that the food and service will not be good. As a fast food restaurant, Subway restaurants are clean. The food is always fresh, and the service is always great!

There is only one downfall to Subway; not everyone likes sandwiches! If you are not a sandwich person, Subways is not the best place, although you find pizza, salads, and soups as options. Subway also has competitors such as Nardelli’s and Italian sandwich places, and other little delis are in competition with Subway. The great deals that Subway offers, the service and cleanliness, the quality and variety of food, and the pricing all help to make Subway a number one choice!


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  1. I thought that this was a really great review of Subway. You discussed many important criteria that people assess when going out to eat. You really made the food and environment sound appetizing to the audience. As well, you were able to mention the variety of foods that Subway offers, this was good to appeal to the preferences of different people. In your introduction you incorporated statistics in order to help convey your point and it really grasped my attention. I really had no idea how popular Subway was and how there are restaurants globally! Furthermore, price is very important in today’s economy and you showed the reader how inexpensive the different options are. Overall, I think you wrote a really good review, congratulations!

  2. You did a great job on your review.Everything you mentioned is very, genuine, informative, and descriptive about Subway. I definitively love Subway I think they offer a variety of sandwiches, but it is true that their downfall is that they mostly offer sandwiches. Also I like how low the cost is for a meal and how honest they are to their cost since there are resutrants that will promote certain cost but it only applies in certain areas. Grest Job Overall =]

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