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Starbucks Review by Olivia Quick

Five Stars for Starbucks 

Starbucks, a coffee house chain, has locations all over the United States as well as in many other countries. People either love or hate it. I happen to be one who loves it. Starbucks offers over 100 different drinks or drink combinations, unlike many other coffee shops with basic decaf and caffeinated coffees with few flavors and a couple other drink options. As Dunkin Donuts, the workers and consumers appear rushed and not overly concerned about how customers like your coffee. Starbucks’ employees ask if your drink is okay and if it is not, they will happily make you a new drink to satisfy your taste buds! It is also a very comfortable place to go and get your work done. Get your drink and relax at Starbucks!

The drinks can get pricey, for example, $3.50 for a tall (small) caramel macchiato. For many people that is expensive, but if you consider all the ingredients put in the drink and how the employees will specialize it and gladly remake it for you if it does not taste right, it is a fair price. I will go a Starbucks any time to buy a drink at any time of the year. In the summer an iced passion fruit iced tea lemonade will make me very happy, or an iced caramel macchiato works if I need some espresso to keep me up. The wintertime brings joy to many customers as Starbucks has many wintery drinks from pumpkin spice lattes to gingerbread and candy cane drinks! There is always a drink for anyone and any occasion.

Food wise, most coffee shops have bagels and donuts, the basics, and the drinks are very fattening. Starbucks has many different types of foods and has updated its menu with healthier options. The company has taken away the high fructose corn syrup and now makes all of the goodies with wheat flour and less sugar. If you are looking for something to help you lessen your calorie intake, the number of calories and ingredients are listed on the menu, unlike at Dunkin Donuts, which does not show how many calories are in the food or drinks. Starbucks also has many different varieties of foods, and for the healthier folks, apples with cheese and crackers or vegetable wraps as well as Naked drinks that are organic and a good source of fruit and vegetables are offered.

Starbucks is a place where many people go when they are not in a rush, and they can sit and relax in comfortable seating and do their work. The atmosphere is warming and calm with comfortable seating and fireplaces at some locations. Many people will go there, grab a drink, relax and connect to the free Wi-Fi to complete their workload. Many classes or companies will have meetings there and get Starbucks catered to them for a decent price. There is always plenty of room for people to sit at most of the Starbucks; very few have limited seating. There is also seating outside for those nice summer days!

Starbucks is very involved with the world around us, supporting and encouraging recycling and being environmentally friendly. All of their cups, napkins, etcetera, are biodegradable and are used from recycled materials. Starbucks always has tip jars, and part of the tips is donated to shelters or to help with other causes. Right now, the chain is selling bracelets to help those who are jobless in the United States as well as giving away pamphlets that go into detail about jobless in America and ways that we reduce those statistics. Starbucks is always involved in the community.

In the past Hurricane Irene that hit Connecticut, especially near the shoreline, the Starbucks of Old Saybrook was one of the only locations on a generator and allowed people to come in and do their work using the Wi-Fi and giving discounts on food and drinks! The store stayed open till all hours of the night and was closed only a couple hours till it opened again at the break of dawn. Working overtime and being on top of everything is what Starbucks employees do best!

Many people complain that the prices are high, but with everything included, the high quality customer care and the many possible drink combinations to fit your needs, Starbucks is a well-rounded comforting coffee shop.

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