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Review of Farmer’s Cow by Ashley Blackham

The Farmer’s Cow is a family-owned dairy farm located in Lebanon, Connecticut. The establishment does not only produce dairy products, but also other foods and drinks as well. A very popular drink this time of year is apple cider. The Farmer’s Cow makes apple cider and distributes it to local stores around the state and also in southern Massachusetts. Other products include ice cream, eggs, summer drinks, heavy cream, half and half, and of course milk! All of the products are free of artificial growth hormones, as well as unneeded pesticides and chemicals.

All natural foods are becoming highly popular. It is important to buy products that do not contain harmful substances, if you can afford them of course. The Farmer’s Cows’ products are decently priced. At Stop and Shop, Farmer’s Cow apple cider is priced around $3.50, whereas the store brand sells for about around $2.00. I have tried multiple brands of apple ciders, and the Farmer’s Cow is by far the best I’ve consumed. It has the distinct taste of fresh apples as opposed to a processed drink flavor. It is well worth the extra $1.50 if cost is not a factor and there’s a preference for a health-conscious alternative with a fresh taste.

Another customer favorite is the ice cream produced at the local farms. Ice cream flavors, which The Farmer’s Cow produces, range from the original vanilla and chocolate to peanut butter and coffee. Each of the ice cream flavors has a unique name. The coffee ice cream, for example, is named “Up Early Coffee.” Although, I have yet to try the ice cream, I plan to one of these days. Each year an award, the Green Coast Award, is bestowed upon a company that is “socially and environmentally responsible, promotes sustainability, has high ethical standards, and makes conscious decisions every day to improve our communities and the health of the planet” (Green Coast Awards, 2011). In 2010, The Farmer’s Cow ice cream received this award due to its quality and the fact that the “purchase helps preserve farm land and supports local farms” (Chesmer, 2010).

As stated earlier, The Farmer’s Cow produces “Summer Drinks.” The drinks include lemonade, ice tea, and iced-tea lemonade. All of these drinks are free of high fructose corn syrup. Because many parents attempt to withhold high fructose corn syrup from their children’s diets, these drinks from The Farmer’s Cow are ideal.

Another product to consider is the Farmer’s Cow’s eggs. The hens that lay the eggs, which are then sold, are fed an “all-natural, whole grain diet with no animal by-products and no preservatives, no artificial growth hormones and no antibiotics” (The Farmer’s Cow, 2011).

For my own health, I am willing to spend a little extra money on healthy foods. The quality of an item does end up costing more but it is a better deal in the long run. Sadly, The Farmer’s Cow apple cider will be phasing out shortly with the fall season coming to a close. Thankfully, it will be returning next year for anxious customers, such as me. Supporting your local farms supports the environment and the economy. The next time you’re out shopping, look for a Farmer’s Cow product in your local grocery store. You won’t be disappointed with the purchase.

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