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Facebook’s New Face, Review by Angela Therriault


Over the 5 years that I have had a Facebook account, it has changed its “face” numerous times. It went from a simple site of sharing things with friends to different news feeds and account and privacy settings to top stories and recent stories…. Where to begin?

The new changes to Facebook have created uproar in the media. People with both a Twitter and Facebook account are tweeting how much they hate the new changes to Facebook. But are things really that different? Instead of seeing what everyone has posted, your news feed is now filtered for you, weeding out the useless and less important junk that no one bothers or wants to see. However, with the new changes to the news feed, people have become aggravated that they cannot view their friend’s status because Facebook has shown them what they think is important to them. So instead of scrolling down your page, you need to search your friend if you want to view an unimportant status. But I believe the whole rage over the changes is bogus. Mark Zuckerburg, the creator and owner of Facebook, as well as its engineers are going to change Facebook for the better, and as they see fit. But are these changes becoming too complicated? Many think so.

Many agree that Facebook is indeed becoming too complicated. The engineers want to put all that they have created onto one site, but they are not great at putting it in a clarifying manner for the average Facebook user. But, I believe the engineers of Facebook continue to upgrade and change things to keep up with the new technologies and to outdo other websites such as Twitter and Tumblr. Facebook needs to be refreshed because of the ever-present danger that there will be too much information for Facebook to be found useful. With the new changes, Facebook now balances the relevant and irrelevant information for you so that it does not become obsolete.

Another point is the “charging” for a Facebook account. Although we do not pay for a Facebook, it has never been free. Many ads occupy Facebook everyday and that is what helps keep the costs of running the site down. Facebook is known as an ad-supported site, and unless account users want to be charged, it will remain that way.

For Facebook’s 800 million users, these changes could either help or hinder the way users read, process, develop, show and share information on the Internet. But no matter how bad or good the remarks are about the ever-changing Facebook, the engineers are going to continue to renew and do what they do best, keep Facebook alive.

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